Price. I calculate price by project, based on a minimum hourly rate of EUR 60. Time spent is recorded using time-tracking software. Pricing may also need to take into account factors such as format (Word, PDF, Powerpoint, hardcopy, LaTex, etc), complexity of content, quality of the writing, purpose and urgency. Here's a recent example, consisting of a description of the job, the estimated cost and turnaround and the workflow, which involved a high level of author's editing.   

Research article (in MS Word) on suicide for an international high-IF journal. Approx. 5000 words (excl. n=40 references approx), plus 1-2 figures and 2-3 tables. Approx. EUR 1200-1500 / Turnaround 2-3 weeks. 
  • Translation in several drafts and fact-checking in cited works when necessary
  • Brief email queries to author regarding ambiguities, doubts and possible interpretations (usually word- or sentence-level issues)
  • Terminology work to ensure coherence (within text and with published guidelines and standards)
  • Several revisions of the English for flow and style
  • Commenting to client regarding more complex issues (usually at the paragraph or text level, e.g. incorrect citation, erroneous interpretation of the literature, etc)
  • Citation/reference checking and cross-checking
  • Final read and return to client to make any necessary changes in response to my comments
  • Incorporation of client's corrections and changes
  • Application of journal style and check against journal sample texts
  • Correction and adaptation of references
  • Final read-through of finished version
  • Post-submission changes to text, response to reviewers, etc (2-3 hours, included).

Payment. By bank transfer 30 days from the date of invoice. For new clients or large jobs, part-payment against partial delivery may be requested.